Group of Immune Systems BiologyThe Group of Immune Systems Biology (GISB) focuses on unravelling how the dynamic molecular networks of immune cells quantitatively, rather than simply all-or-none, respond to various genetic perturbations/mutations as well as environmental stresses under physiological or pathological conditions. 

To this end, the GISB develops and applies integrated computational and experimental systems biology strategies to predict and delineate the dynamic molecular networks of immune cells using both patients' samples and mouse disease models. With expertise in large-scale network inference and dynamic analysis, we orchestrate major efforts on network-biology-guided experiments in order to accelerate biomedical discoveries.

Picture: January 2018
From left to right, Dmitrii Pogorelov, Alexandre Baron, Ni Zeng, Cathy Leonard (scientist shared with Markus Ollert group), Davide Franchina (shared with Dirk Brenner group), Christophe Capelle, Feng HE.

Team members

Feng He

Principal Investigator

Christophe Capelle

PhD Student

Alexandre Baron

Laboratory Technician

Dmitrii Pogorelov

MD, PhD Student

Ni Zeng

PhD Student

Séverine Ciré

Postdoctoral Fellow


  • Egle Danileviciute, PhD student, 2014-2017
  • Ling Xiao, Master student, Nov 2016-Dec 2017
  • Sabrina Freitas Rodrigues, Master student, 2013 Feb-Aug
  • Barbara Tsaousis, Intern, Jun-Aug 2016 
  • Christina Kiefer, Intern, Jan-Mar 2016
  • Alexander Deridan, Intern, May-Aug 2015
  • Shuoyang Liu, Intern, June-Sep 2015