Poster information

The size of the poster has to be DIN-A0 vertical (width 81,4 x 118,9 cm). Material will be provided at the organizers reception desk to hang the posters.

Posters presenters are requested to display their posters before 2:00 p.m. on the day of the presentation and to remove them at the end of the session. In order to increase scientific discussions, a poster walk will take place during each poster session (07:30 pm for the session 1, and 03:00 pm for the session 2). Each poster should be presented within 2 minutes by the poster author, and will be followed by a short discussion.

Titles of poster sessions :


Category 1 - NK Cell Receptors and Education

Category 2 - NK Cell Development and Differentiation

Category 3 - Innate Lymphoid Cell

Category 4 - NK cells and Metabolism

Category 5 - NK cells and Anti-Tumour Immunity



Category 6 - NK cell Memory

Category 7 - NK cell Immunotherapy and Immunomodulation

Category 8 - Tissue-associated NK cell Subsets

Category 9 - NK Cells and infection

Category 10 - NK cells in clinics

Poster prizes



Several poster prizes will be awarded.
4 poster prizes are being offered by Frontiers in Immunology and 1 by EFIS - European Federation of Immunological Societies.

Poster prizes will be attributed by a jury of experts on the basis of the quality of project and poster presentation. 
Results will be disclosed on the last day of the congress (03/10/2019), during the concluding remarks.