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Quantitative Biology Unit (QBU)

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Research experience

2016 - present: Research staff

Luxembourg Institute of Health

2013 - 2016: Post Doctoral fellowship

Luxembourg Clinical proteomics unit

2007 - 2012: PhD

Life Science Mass Spectrometry Unit
University of Geneva

2006-2007 Engineer

Bordeaux proteomics core facility, France

2003 - 2006: Master in biotechnology

ENSTBB (National Superior School of Technologies of Biomolecules of Bordeaux), University of Bordeaux 2, France


• Targeted proteomics identifies proteomic signatures in liquid-biopsies of the endometrium to diagnose endometrial cancer and assist in the prediction of the optimal surgical treatment. ClinicalCancer Research 2017 - PubMed
Martinez-Garcia, E.; Lesur, A.; Devis, L.; Cabrera, S.; Matias-Guiu, X.; Hirschfeld, M.; Asberger, J.; van Oostrum, J.; María de los Ángeles Casares de Cal, MA.; Gómez-Tato, A.; Reventos, J.; Domon, B.; Colas, E.; Gil-Moreno, A.

• Development of a sequential workflow based on LC-PRM for the verification of endometrial cancer protein biomarkers in uterine aspirate samples. Oncotarget 2016, 7, (33), 53102-53115 - PubMed
Martinez-Garcia, E.; Lesur, A.; Devis, L.; Campos, A.; Cabrera, S.; van Oostrum, J.; Matias-Guiu, X.; Gil-Moreno, A.; Reventos, J.; Colas, E.; Domon, B.

• Hyphenation of fast liquid chromatography with high-resolution mass spectrometry for quantitative proteomics analyses. TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 2016 DOI
Lesur, A.; Gallien, S.; Domon, B.

• The use of proteases complementary to trypsin to probe isoforms and modifications. Proteomics 2016, 16, (5), 715-28. - PubMed
Trevisiol, S.; Ayoub, D.; Lesur, A.; Ancheva, L.; Gallien, S.; Domon, B.

• Structural characterization and biological implications of sulfated N-glycans in a serine protease from the neotropical moth Hylesia metabus (Cramer [1775]) (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). Glycobiology 2016, 26, (3), 230-50. - PubMed
Cabrera, G.; Salazar, V.; Montesino, R.; Tambara, Y.; Struwe, W. B.; Leon, E.; Harvey, D. J.; Lesur, A.; Rincon, M.; Domon, B.; Mendez, M.; Portela, M.; Gonzalez-Hernandez, A.; Triguero, A.; Duran, R.; Lundberg, U.; Vonasek, E.; Gonzalez, L. J.

• Screening protein isoforms predictive for cancer using immunoaffinity capture and fast LC-MS in PRM mode. PROTEOMICS – Clinical Applications 2015 - PubMed
Lesur, A.; Ancheva, L.; Kim Y. J.; Berchem, G.; van Oostrum, J.; Domon, B.

• Advances in High-resolution accurate mass spectrometry application to targeted proteomics. Proteomics 2014 - PubMed
Lesur, A.; Domon, B.

• Quantification in MALDI-MS imaging: what can we learn from MALDI-selected reaction monitoring and what can we expect for imaging? Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 2014. - PubMed
Porta, T.; Lesur, A.; Varesio, E.; Hopfgartner, G.

• Analysis of biopharmaceutical proteins in biological matrices by LC-MS/MS II. LC-MS/MS analysis. TrAC - Trends in Analytical Chemistry 2013, 48, 52-61. - DOI
Hopfgartner, G.; Lesur, A.; Varesio, E.

• Peptides Quantification by Liquid Chromatography with Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization and Selected Reaction Monitoring Detection. Journal of Proteome Research 2012, 11,(10),4972-82. - DOI
Lesur, A.; Varesio, E.; Domon, B.; Hopfgartner, G.

• Protein quantification by MALDI-selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometry using sulfonate derivatized peptides. Analytical Chemistry 2010, 82, (12), 5227-37. - PubMed
Lesur, A.; Varesio, E.; Hopfgartner, G.

• Accelerated tryptic digestion for the analysis of biopharmaceutical monoclonal antibodies in plasma by liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometric detection. Journal of Chromatography A 2010, 1217, (1), 57-64. - PubMed
Lesur, A.; Varesio, E.; Hopfgartner, G.


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