Yong-Jun Kwon








PhD, Head of the PDD Group

Department of Oncology

+352 26 970 564


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Research Experience

Since 2019  Head of Personalized Drug Discovery Group
Department of Oncology, LIH

2015-2019    Head of Early Discovery & Technology development
Ksilink in Strasbourg, France

2013-2014    Principal Scientist
Institute for Refractory Cancer Research, Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea        

2009-2013 Team leader, Discovery Biology (DCB) Group & ScreeningTechnology Platform (STP) Group
Institut Pasteur Korea, Seoul, South Korea

2005- 2009 Researcher, Discovery Biology (DCB) Group
Institut Pasteur Korea, Seoul, South Korea

Fellowship & Grant

Ph.D. fellowship from Institut Pasteur Korea 2008-2011
MEST Grant, Pioneer program (3 years)
MEST Grant, Bio-Medical Technology research (5 years


Cellular antagonists of GPCR physiology. USPTO,20080138834
Genome Wide Visual identification of Human Co-factors of HIV infection, USPTO, 20110183313

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