Hichul Kim








Scientist, PDD Group

Department of Oncology

+352 26 970 564



Research Experiences and Education


Since 09/ 2020: Scientist, Personalized Drug Discovery Group, Department of Oncology, LIH, Luxembourg.

Research projects:

- Personalized functional drug profiling for patients with metastatic gastrointestinal cancer or recurrent glioblastoma (PFP).

06/2016 – 08/2020: Scientist, Project leader, Early Discovery & Technology Development, KSILINK, France.            

Research projects:

-  Personalized functional patient profiling project to identify the best personalized treatment


07/2005-06/2016: Senior Researcher, Assay Development & Screening Group, Institute Pasteur Korea (IP-K), South Korea      .

Research projects:                                                                          

-  Screening assay development for anti-Ebola virus small molecules

-  Cell-based primary and 2nd confirmation screening for anti- Trypanosoma cruzi small molecules

-  Development of whole genome siRNA microarray and screening (HIV, Trypanosoma cruzi)

-  Plasmid based cDNA microarray development

-  Lentivirus microarray development

-  Cell defined siRNA microarray (CDSM) development in mesenchymal stem cell


03/2012-08/2017: Ph.D. in Animal Biotechnology,  Konkuk University, South Korea


       Thesis : Development of cell Image-based microarray system for gene functional study in Mammalian Cells


03/2003-02/2005: M.S. in Animal Biotechnology,  Konkuk University, South Korea


       Thesis : Suppression of Neurite Outgrowth of NB41A3 cells by RNA Interference of Mouse Long-Chanin  

                    Acyl-CoA SynthetaseⅥ  



US20110183313 A1 (EP2307568 B1) : Genome wide visual identification of human co-factors of HIV-1infection.


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