The NutriHealth Team works in the intersection of basic research and nutritional epidemiology
with a focus on translational aspects to improve population health.

"We are dedicated to understanding human dietary habits and nutritional exposure,
modelling the diet-disease relationship and translating our findings into the practise
in order to prevent and control chronic diseases at the population level.
Our expertise covers the investigation of aspects related to food quality
regarding nutrient and non-nutrient composition including micronutrients and
secondary plant compounds, bioavailability, dietary patterns, and their relationship
to oxidative stress, cellular signalling, body composition, and health issues,
from cardiometabolic diseases to microbiota disturbances, cancer and ageing processes. "

NuthriHealth Team

Team members

Torsten BOHN, PhD

Group Leader



Farhad VAHID, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Mohammed IDDIR, MS

PhD Student

Bernadette LENERS, BS

Laboratory Technician