Mohammed IDDIR, MS - PhD Student


Mohammed Iddir has a MSc degree in Biosciences and Health Engineering from the University of Lorraine, France. In his PhD project, he is currently working on the interaction between carotenoids and proteins during digestion, with the aim to discover a potential influence of various types and concentrations of proteins on carotenoid digestion and their relevance regarding aspects of bioavailability. This includes matrix release, bio-accessibility and cellular uptake, as well as colonic recovery and fermentation of carotenoids.


• Carotenoids 

• Proteins

• Bioavailability

• In vitro digestion

• Cell-culture experiments

• Spectrophotometry

• Chromatography

• Confocal microscopy

• Extraction of phytochemicals (from plant matrices and plasma)

• Colonic fermentation

• Nutritional intervention trials


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Latest LIH publications

• Whey protein isolate modulates beta-carotene bioaccessibility depending on gastro-intestinal digestion conditions.
September 01, 2019
2019 Sep. Food Chem.291:157-166. Epub 2019 Apr 1.
By: Iddir M  Degerli C  Dingeo G  Desmarchelier C  Schleeh T  Borel P  Larondelle Y  Bohn T.


Mohammed Iddir, NutriHealth group Population Health Preventive medicine caroprot

"The main objective of the CAROPROT study on human subjects
will be to evaluate the influence of the simultaneous
consumption of two different selected protein sources
on the bioavailability of food carotenoids",
explains Mohammed IDDIR, PhD student, NutriHealth group.

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