The Molecular and Translational Allergology (MTA) team of Dr Hilger and Dr Kuehn targets on patient-centered research aiming to address and solve unmet medical needs in allergy diagnosis and prevention. The research is performed in close collaboration with other teams at the Department of Infection and Immunity, other LIH departments and technological platforms, as well as with leading clinical and scientific experts at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology and a number of clinical and research excellence centers in Europe.

The MTA research group is part of the Department of Infection and Immunity. The department provides a highly interdisciplinary research environment that is substantial for the scientific and translational work relating to complex infectious and inflammatory pathomechanisms in order to pave new ways to diagnose, prevent or cure human immune-mediated diseases.

Funding & Support

Luxembourg Institute of Health

Luxembourg Institute of Health is a public biomedical research organisation. Striving for excellence, its researchers, by their creativity, enthusiasm and commitment, generate knowledge on disease mechanisms and contribute to the development of new diagnostics, preventive strategies, innovative therapies and clinical applications that impact the healthcare of Luxembourgish and European citizens.