LuxGen Sequencing Platform

The LuxGen sequencing platform is a joint endeavour of the LIH and the LNS. The intention is to provide both

institutes with high-quality next-generation sequencing (NGS). 
NGS has developed to a point there is one of the driving forces for high-level research, but also gains importance as a diagnostic tool in for large cohorts. As the interests of both institutes are complementary, the setup will allow the development of research as well as diagnostic applications which will benefit both institutes. 
The general setup of the LuxGen centre separates the workflow of NGS into several steps:

1. library preparation
2. sequencing
3. bioinformatic analysis

The library preparation is then set up in several satellite laboratories (currently at the LIH - Edison building and the LNS). The libraries are then transferred to the lab hosting the sequencers. After the sequencing is finished, the recorded data is transferred back to the LIH and is analysed using some standardised pipelines. Further bioinformatic analysis can then be done by the bioinformatics platform or in a different collaboration inside or outside of the LIH.


LuxGen Microarray Platform

Luxgen microarray platform is located at LIH. Luxgen has a considerable experience in microarray experiments since 2009 and produces high-quality data.  

Luxgen offers personalized and flexible services for high-throughput genomic studies based on microarrays. The studies can be personalized according to customers needs, from assistance for experimental design to feasible techniques such as RNA-DNA extraction, sample quality control, sample preparation, biostatistical and bioinformatic analyses.

Protocols available on the platform are:

1. Nucleic Acid Extraction:

- Total RNA
- mRNA
- miRNA

2. Nucleic Acid quantification:

- Nanodrop™ One spectrophotometer
- Qubit™ Fluorometer

3. Nucleic Acid integrity and sizing:         

- Fragment Analyzer™ Automated System

4. Affymetrix Microarrays Hybridization for a wide range of species :

- GeneChip® miRNA arrays for mature miRNA sequences
- GeneChip® Gene Arrays for both mRNA and lincRNA expression
- Clariom™ S arrays for key genes and pathway expression
- Clariom™ D arrays for gene expression and alternative splicing events of coding and long non-coding RNA.

5. Bioinformatics Analysis

- TAC® software
- R markdown reporting