On February 24-26th 2019, Dr Etienne Moussay, Principal Investigator at LIH’s Department of Oncology, presented a study on the leukemic microenvironment in London at the 3rd Scientific Workshop entitled - The Haematological Tumour Microenvironment and its Therapeutic Targeting.

Organized by the European School of Haematology, this year workshop took place at the Francis Crick Institute in London (United Kingdom). It gathered researchers from Europe mainly, but also from USA, Japan, and Australia.

As stated on the workshop website, "This workshop offers highest level science on the nature of the normal and malignant haemopoietic stem cell niche. It also aims to present strategies to target haematological cancers in their tumour microenvironment, thereby combining basic research efforts with possible clinical applications. It is designed to promote scientific interaction between participants from all over the world, involving junior and senior biologists and clinicians working in both the academic and industrial settings."

In addition to the oral presentation from Dr Moussay, the Télévie-financed post-doctoral fellow Dr Anne Largeot and the FNR-PRIDE PhD-candidate Ernesto Gargiulo also presented their work as posters during 2 intense sessions.

For more information and full program, please visit http://www.esh.org/conference/3rd-scientific-workshop-tumour-microenvironment-in-the-haematological-malignancies-and-its-therapeutic-targeting/