Feasibility study

Our team is capable of integrating experiences from biology, chemistry, engineering, and bioinformatics, and advise you about the best options as a readout for your specific project.

Assay development & optimization

Our team will assist you to translate the phenotype/biological finding you discovered into a miniaturized HTS assays that will meet all the necessary criteria for success.

Compound library screening

Assays we develop and validate are used to run High-Throughput/High-Content Screening campaigns

HIT Identification

We have implemented powerful high content data analysis software, as well as custom developed image analysis scripts that enable us to extract meaningful information from the screening runs.

Secondary assays and counter-screen

We will define and implement strategies for HIT validation, such as counter screening or secondary assay

Data analysis

Custom developed data analysis methodologies will run in a cluster that will provide all the power we need. Extraction of information from complex datasets is done in a quick and very efficient way.