About us

The disease modeling and screening platform is a core facility that provides infrastructure and services related to early drug discovery.

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The Platform

The Disease Modeling & Screening Platform (DMSP) is the result of the collaboration between the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine at the University of Luxembourg (LCSB/UL) and the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH). The platform combines the cellular disease modeling expertise of both institutions with early drug discovery technology.

The High‐Throughput Screening / High Content Screening (HT/CS) platform is physically located at the LCSB site.


Our mission

The ultimate objective of the DMSP is to provide a diversity of core facilities infrastructure, disease models and expertise, to facilitate the translation of basic scientific discoveries into tangible hit (drug) candidates. Our state-of-the-art platform acts as interface between fundamental biomedical research and high standard drug discovery:

  • to help researchers to develop screenings based on their biological findings
  • to perform screenings for them with our compounds or their own library
  • to develop new cellular disease models for phenotypic screenings
  • to offer phenotypic screenings in established patient-derived cellular models



Medical research has been advancing in Luxembourg, successfully bringing disease cases from the hospital to be studied in the lab. High standards research has been performed in a variety of fields of study, and very promising results have been obtained from the different research institutes. These results allow for a better understanding of the disease, and open doors to the development of affective treatments, allowing to bring the knowledge obtained back to the patient. A big part of this complex task involved the identification of well-characterized molecules that have the potential to reverse the disease-associated effects, and that would have high potential for therapy development. Our state-of-art platform comes to fill this need!

Created in 2016, the platform was developed with the dual goal of performing automated cell culture and develop cell based assays to be used as readouts in subsequent high throughput screenings (HTS). Initially developed by the Clinical and Developmental Neuroscience team headed by the Prof. Rejko Krüger, the platform was a project developed at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB), affiliated to the University of Luxembourg. In 2020, this platform has become a shared facility from the two biggest research institutes involved in medical research, the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) and the University of Luxembourg (UL). This double affiliation enables a very effective collaborative work with the research groups from both units, leading to fast development of the projects aiming to bring the research back to the patient in a timely manner.