Prognostication of neurological outcomes After Cardiac Arrest (PACA)

This project helps clinicians predict neurological outcomes after cardiac arrest using long non-coding RNAs


The aim of the PACA project is to identify long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) capable of predicting the outcome and survival of patients after cardiac arrest. To this end, blood samples from patients after cardiac arrest are used to detect and then validate the candidate lncRNAs. The ultimate goal of this project is to identify novel biomarkers that could help predict the neurological outcome of patients after cardiac arrest. This project represents a new step towards personalized medicine.

Financial support

The project is funded by FNR (National Research Fund of Luxembourg - grant # 17/BM/11613033) and supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Action EU-CardioRNA CA17129.


This project is carried out in close collaboration with:

•the Helsingborg Hospital and Lung University in Sweden (Dr Nielsen; TTM-trial),

•the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL; TTM-trial biobank),

•the Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg (CHL).

For more info

Yvan Devaux, PhD - CVRU Group Leader

Francesca Maria Stefanizzi, PhD Student