Laboratory of Experimental and Molecular Immunology

We are closely collaborating with the Laboratory of Experimental and Molecular Immunology of Dr. Dirk Brenner at the DII of LIH

Molecular Disease Mechanisms Group

We are closely working together with Dr. Elisabeth Letellier, head of the Molecular Disease Mechanisms Group at University of Luxembourg

Immunometabolism of Intestinal Inflammation

In Germany, we collaborate together with the Research Group of Clinician Scientist Konrad Aden at the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology, Kiel University

Chair of in-vitro Toxicology and Biomedicine Dept

In Germany, we are collaborating with the Laboratory for In-vitro Toxicology and Biomedicine of Prof. Dr. Marcel Leist at the University of Konstanz

Molecular & Functional Neurobiology Group

We are currently establishing a cooperation with the Laboratory of Molecular & Functional Neurobiology of Dr. Anne Grünewald at the LCSB Luxembourg